OCSAA Resources

On this page we'll be posting publically available resources for Catholic schools as well as parents and teachers. Within the Accreditation Dashboard, member schools will find more resources, tips, and recommendations to help in the accreditation cycle.

OCSAA Standards

Temporary Access for Schools

Annual Accreditation Schedule with Ohio Department of Education

Step One - Each OCSAA member school shall submit the Standard School Survey Report and the Annual Verification of Operating Standards Report as part of the Catholic Conference. Both reports shall be submitted electronically by October 31. (If a school is in compliance with all Operating Standards, we skip to Step 5.)

Step Two - If a school is not in compliance will all Operating Standards, the school shall receive assistance from the diocesan Department of Education to address issues of non-compliance by November 30th.

Step Three - The Director of OCSAA shall send a letter to the school indicating that the school has until December 31st to comply with all Operating Standards. The Director shall recommend to the Commission that the school’s accreditation status be changed to Conditional Accreditation.

Step Four - No later than March 1st the Director shall verify with the Superintendent that the school is implementing all OCSAA Standards. If the Superintendent verifies that an accredited school is not implementing all OCSAA Standards by March 1st the Commission shall vote to revoke the school’s accreditation.

Step Five - No later than September 30th, the Director shall submit to the Ohio Department of Education the names of OCSAA schools that are meeting all OCSAA Standards and the names of schools that are not meeting all OCSAA Standards.

Note: In accordance with Ohio Administrative Code, failure to implement state-approved Operating Standards may result in the Ohio Department of Education initiating efforts to revoke the school’s charter


Accreditation Due Dates for Schools

  • October 31 - Annual Verification of Standards (AVS) Due (All schools, every year)
  • April 15 - Reports due for Action on Accreditation (Schools in Self Study or Verification phases)
    • Preliminary School Improvement Plan
    • EVT Suggested Actions
    • Response to Suggested Actions
    • Final School Improvement Plan
  • May 1 - Progress Report I or II from schools with reports due

(Deadlines extend to next business day if they fall on weekend.)