Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association
Monday, November 28, 2022

Special End User System Requirements

Some portions of the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association Website have special end user system requirements that must be met in order to properly interact with the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association Website. These requirements are detailed below.

Operating Systems & Browsers

This Website has been designed and tested using modern desktop and mobile browsers found on most systems. Please note certain restrictions apply when interacting with the site while using a mobile device. These restrictions are detailed below.

If you are having trouble interacting with the site or finding pages that do not display properly, please make sure your operating system and/or internet browser is up to date. You may not be able to sign in if your device is using out of date software.

For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Apple's Safari when interacting with this site. OBSOLETE (END OF LIFE) OPERATING SYSTEMS AND/OR BROWSERS ARE NOT SUPPORTED.

Smartphones & Tablets

All portions of this Website are viewable from most mobile devices with a minimum screen size of 7" (i.e. tablets). Any mobile devices with a screen size smaller than 7" (i.e. smartphones) will not be able to access any content behind the sign in.

Please note that the site may display an error message when your device is held in the vertical (portrait) position. If you experience this, rotate your device to the horizontal (landscape) position.

This same limitation may also apply to desktop users who resize their browser window(s) below a certain size.

Also iOS devices (i.e. iPad) have limited file handling capabilities and cannot upload documents to the site. Use a modern desktop or laptop to upload your documents instead.

While this site is accessible from mobile devices, we highly recommend using a modern desktop or laptop to access content behind the sign in for the best experience.

JavaScript, Browser Plugins & Apps

JavaScript (not to be confused with the Java Plugin) is a browser technology that is heavily used by this site to provide key functionally. If JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to properly interact with this site.     

Some portions of this site may also use third party plugins like the Adobe Flash Player. If these plugins are not installed or enabled in your browser, you'll either be prompted to install the appropriate plugin or shown alternative content.

Current versions of certain applications including Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel may also be required to open select documents found on this site.